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What is it?

Repetitive Market Research Platform

Upcom helps perform data studies and research for trade associations and multimember associations.

Create Lists

Create Lists

As the association/union administrator, carefully, select the initial list of members who will be willing to fill in the surveys at all times.

In order to get meaningful results at the end of every period, it is important that the same list of members respond to the same questions.

If multiple surveys will be created, you may create different lists of members who would respond to the specific surveys.


Build Surveys

Using powerful and dynamic tools, create the surveys that the members will have to fill in for every period, month, trimester, year, etc.

The surveys may contain multiple questions grouped per pages, presented as tables with multiple columns and rows. It is frequent to segment the answers based on qualitative attributes, such as regions, areas of interest, etc.



Repeat per period


The real value of the platform is in its ability to manage and analyse surveys for repetitive periods.


Manage those periods so that your members are able to complete data for the most relevant period, typically the latest month, year, etc.


The period (instance) is complete only when all members in the list have filled in data for their company.

Fill-in surveys

Fill-in surveys

Members fill-in surveys per period

As soon as a period (instance) is activated, list members are invited to complete the survey with data, relevant to the period. Using a cloud-based and responsive interface, the members may fill-in the data using their browser on a desktop or mobile device.

Users are only allowed to fill-in and view data for the companies they belong and the platform puts special emphasis on protecting the sensitive data of companies. Non-authorised users are not able to view or modify data for a specific company.

Partial responses may be stored temporarily, for final completion at a later stage when the complete set of information is available.

When validated, the survey for the specific period is locked for the member.

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Daily, the platform analyses the provided data from all members and builds meaningful results using modern data analysis techniques.


The process allows as well the generation of powerful reports rapidly, without worrying about the number of results and/or the complex structure of the surveys.


As a result of the analysis, powerful reports are generated.

Individual members of the surveys are able to compare the performance of their company to the overall market performance, always guaranteeing that company-specific information is not exposed to non-authorised users.

Dedicated dashboards allow company representatives to have a view on their performance, quickly spotting areas of increased attention.

The administrator of the system is able to view analysed data from all members, as well as groups and total market.

Reports are offered both as tables with real data, as well as charts of various types, helping enormously the visualisation of the results.




Make sure your members understand the usefulness of the platform.

Typically, associations ask their members to fill-in long surveys without explaining them the added-value received at the end of the survey.

Common results of using the platform include, but are not limited to:

  • Real information on an issue, instead of outdated research
  • Personalised information, relevant to each member
  • Quick response to unexpected events, such as sudden drop of quality, turnover, profit, etc.


Initially use a small group of persuaded members

Do not try to persuade all members to fill-in all surveys. It simply does not happen from one day to the other.

Start with a small group, show them the added value, especially the value related to their own company and let the word spread. More and more members would want to provide data, in order to get back the results.


Force new members to fill-in old surveys!

As new members join this initiative, your data will be uneven, if for some periods you have responses from list A and for some others from list A+. Comparisons are not possible and the reports will look not only ugly, but totally wrong!

Our platform offers tools that allow new members to provide data for the past, so that all members have the same set of responses in the system.


Promote the platform!

Associations that get real value of this platform actively promote it across their members. Promotion helps both keep current members active, but also persuade new members to join. Your goal may only be completed, when all members are users of the platform!

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