She is horrible to me and my mum

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It fun, but it tiring. I been stood up, ghosted and everything in between. There been a lot of lows. When did ffa become so boring? It’s like over the years the weekly waywt threads have become more and more repetitive. I remember just three years ago there was more versatility. There were featured posts from all kinds of women, some of these women actually worked in the fashion industry and had some interesting things to share..

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Holy shit, is this a joke?!? I mean, you don really need people to tell you that you are so obviously the asshole in multiple ways, do you? I mean, if so, yes, YTA for using her stuff to jerk off without asking, for masturbating in the same bed while she sleeps where to buy cheap jerseys nfl beside you (what the fuck, you can go to the couch or bathroom or something?), for fucking lying to her, for “replacing” her expensive balm with a cheaper version, and for throwing a tantrum like a goddamn toddler because she wasn instantly pleased and discount nfl jerseys canada forgiving with you. You ex has realized that at this moment in her life, a relationship is not what she needs, and is only complicating and compounding her stress. She decided she not in the place for a relationship, and loving you has literally nothing to do with that.

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